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Words are not enough to convey the allure of this fragrance. You must feel and scent it on your own skin at least once! The femininity of aphrodisiac essential oils flirtatiously framed by the floral musky chimes will wrap you in a veil you will not want to escape from! This luxurious aroma will make you more confident and light a cheerful spark in your eyes, which will not be overlooked by the men around you – quite on the contrary, it will attract and charm them!

Bright and juicy note of orange, magical sweet and sour flavor of mandarin, tenderness and lightness of grapefruit and tart bergamot open the composition of the perfume with vibrant colors of citrus and freshness. And the womanly scent of mimosa, rich jasmine, the sublime subtlety of the Turkish rose and ylang reveal themselves in the heart of the fragrance – the entrancing ensemble performing the melody of femininity and elegance.

The base of sweet tonka bean tint, patchouli, exquisite opoponax, spicy vanilla, green tone of vetiver and the charm of musk locks the perfume composition in a caressing warm embrace.


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